12 x Invoice Processing Automation Cheat Sheet Tips

1. OCR Capture

What type are you considering? Zonal or Intelligent Metadata Capture?

2. Cloud vs On-Premise

Sass Option or Hosted on your Internal Servers?

3. Data Centres

If you choose SaaS hosting option are the data centres located in australia?

4. P.O Matching

Have you thought about a ‘procure-to-pay’ solution¬† to re-engineer your AP process?

5. Compliance

What compliance regulations is your industry bound by?

6. RPA

An amating tool, but be careful you don’t evolve to a point where you can never re-engineer your process.

7. Integration

Does your Account/ERP system allow API integration? If not are you happy with scheduled csv uploads?

8. Named vs Concurrent

Your choice of license type determines your cost. Understand who needs access, and how often?

9. Configurable vs Customisable

Its the future process changes that rack up the costs and eat into ROI.

10. Mobility

Enabling users to approve remotely greatly improves efficency.

11. Fraud

With API integration you can cross reference invoice data with your ERP/Accounting System and eliminate the risk of fraud.

12. Off the Shelf?

Off the shelf solutions will not allow you to mirror your own approval workflow. You’ll need to adapt your process to their solution. Avoid This.