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About us

CSC Technology’s goal is to improve our client’s profitability, operational efficiency and staff satisfaction by automating companies’ internal manual processes. Through providing our clients with our range of business process and information management software to digitise and improve processes, such as Accounts Payable and Contract Management.

CSC Technology is the software and process automation arm of Colour Smart Solutions, a business that has been operating for 6 years within Australia, with over 300 clients across a range of sectors.

Our team at CSC Technology has over 20 years experience in selling and implementing software solutions, both within Colour Smart Solutions and working for some of the world’s largest technology companies, including Oracle, Aconex, Canon and Hitachi.

As an agnostic partner, we maintain access to multiple solutions from market leading vendors, enabling us to implement the right solution for your business and scale as your business changes.

Our team is set up to scope and deliver a software solution and work with you over the long term to ensure you are getting a strong return on investment


Our focus is to improve and digitally transform your business processes, through the use of technology. Connecting your business with the latest software solutions, optimised to fit your individual business needs.

Our approach is simple…


Goals and Challenges


Technology Options


Solution Design


Solution Delivery

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