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About you and CSC Technology

  1. You’re looking to make intelligent, informed decisions about Microsoft 365 or Modern Work solutions for your business.
  2. You’re not looking to be a project code in a global corporation’s automated sales process.
  3. You’re not looking to be passed from a sales team to a call centre the second the deal is done.


We are an Australian company providing Microsoft 365 & SharePoint consultancy, implementation and ongoing support
for businesses ready to drive efficiency and growth through:



We are not a software vendor. Instead, we represent those vendors we have determined to be the world’s best at solving the challenges our clients face.

So, a relationship with us means you never have to talk to a sales team wanting you to believe one size fits all. In fact, you don’t really have to talk to a sales team at all.

You’ll see we’ve taken a different approach.

We start with an Assessment report of your business. This will include:

  • Reviewing your usage of SharePoint Online
    • List of used vs used sites
    • Information Architecture of the active sites
    • Storage
  • Reviewing usage of Microsoft 365 Groups (Team Sites)
  • Reviewing Productivity Score against industry baseline
  • Reviewing Compliance Center
    • Sensitivity Labels
    • Retention Labels and Policies
    • Data Loss Prevention Policies
  • Reviewing Microsoft Search Configuration
  • Reviewing Security Posture
  • Reviewing External Sharing Policies
  • Review Information Governance processes
  • Roadmap for issue remediation and next steps