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    Some things can’t be automated

About you and CSC Technology

You’re looking to make intelligent, informed decisions about document management or automating your business processes or accounts payable.

You’re not looking to be a project code in a global corporation’s automated sales process.

You’re not looking to be passed from a sales team to a call centre the second the deal is done.

We are an Australian company providing consultancy, implementation and ongoing support for businesses ready to drive efficiency and growth through:

  • Business Process Automation
  • Accounts Payable Automation
  • Document Management

We are not a software vendor. Instead, we represent those vendors we have determined to be the world’s best at solving the challenges our clients face.

So, a relationship with us means you never have to talk to a sales team wanting you to believe one size fits all. In fact, you don’t really have to talk to a sales team at all.

You’ll see we’ve taken a different approach.

The best automation solutions start with the best questions

You are not the only company in your industry, but your processes are 100% unique to you. This means no out-of-the-box solution can accurately reflect the way you work and give you an edge – not even a solution supposedly designed specifically for your industry.

Your automation solution has to fit your organisation, so when you call us you’ll find that we ask lots of questions.

We’re not just asking these questions so that we understand your challenges; we’re asking them so that we can uncover those challenges you might not even realise you’re facing – or that are just over the horizon. Because we spend all our time in the area of automation, we know what’s working, what’s not working and how to keep your competitive edge sharp into the future.

When we have a complete map of your challenges – present and near-future – we can tailor your solution to solve them all. The result will be presented to you in an ROI calculator, so that you can balance the benefit of addressing and taking control of the full picture from the outset.

When you have the full picture, you’re no longer limited to simply automating the processes you already have. You get the full competitive advantage that comes from automating the processes you should have.

The question we asked ourselves…

We started this business by asking ourselves some questions. The first question we asked was…

“Who could most benefit from a relationship with an independent advisor on automation.”

That led us design our business for you, the 1.5% of Australian businesses counting between 35 and 200 employees. You’re big enough to enjoy substantial benefits from automation and you’re agile enough to have lots of options when it comes to vendors.

Then we looked at automation solutions from around the world. We chose those vendors who between them cover 98% of the use cases of the businesses we know we can help.

What you get from a relationship with us

  • We start with a genuine appraisal of your business and your needs because we’re not tied to one vendor or one piece of software. We have a range of options, so we don’t need to rig an appraisal to recommend the same answer every time.
  • We’re crystal clear that our business is here to solve 98% of the automation use cases faced by Australian businesses of between 35 and 200 employees. If we’re not right for you, we’ll tell you, because our business is about creating a relationship. And we only get that relationship by creating wins for you.
  • We sit on your side of the table. Not being restricted to one vendor means we can – and do – hold our vendors to account on behalf of our clients. Together, we provide our clients with exceptional service.
  • Even so, we are not the cheapest in the business. You can’t deliver our level of service and the certainty that we do by cutting corners. You will, however, find that the investment you make in automation with us is highly competitive. It’s also exceptional value when you consider the risks and remediation costs you avoid by not limiting yourself to someone who has only a single solution to recommend.
  • Your relationship with us is always with people at the most senior levels of our business. We believe in direct access because we know we’re in the customer service business. And we’re proud to be very good at it.
  • Automation should sharpen your edge
    it cuts out inefficiencies and frees up money and people to invest in growth

  • Are you responsible for choosing the best document management, accounts payable or business process automation to drive business growth?

  • Is your business counting on you to make smart decisions
    about document management and process automation?

  • Do you represent an Australian business counting between 35 and 200 employees?

  • Complete compliance. Maximum efficiency. We deliver business improvement
    through digital transformation.

  • Only the right solution can guarantee compliance and mitigate risk effectively.

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