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    Accounts payable and accounts receivable automation

Accounts Payable Automation

We are not a software vendor. Instead, we represent those vendors we have determined to be the world’s best at solving the challenges our clients face.

Faster invoice processing with fewer errors and greater security


Integrating with multiple ERP or accounting systems





International vs domestic invoices

Line item


OCR capture to match process

Complex management approval processes

Navigating an ocean of options for invoice processing automation

Accounts payable and accounts receivable were one of the first targets of automation because of the opportunity to increase speed and lower costs significantly. Accounts teams are also vulnerable to the human errors relied on by cyber criminals.

The maturity of invoice processing automation presents businesses with an overwhelming spread of vendors to consider. Leaders wanting to make smart choices are faced with the time-consuming process of mapping their needs to the promises of multiple vendors.

A smart alternative

CSC Technology is not a technology vendor offering only a single product that supposedly fits all use cases. We are consultants with a clear idea of whom we help – the 1.5% of Australian businesses that count between 35 and 200 employees. These businesses are big enough that accounts payable and accounts receivable automation will create massive efficiencies in their businesses, but agile enough to enjoy a choice of options. When you work with us, you’ll find us on the same side of the table as you.

Our detailed 23 Step Engagement Process

We employ our automation expertise to match you with the right solution. We’ll take you through each phase of the solution delivery from statement of works (SOW) through the following stages of:

When you work with us, you can count on an enduring partnership with experts who will be attentive to your needs beyond the sales process – you’ll be looked after by the same people from scoping through implementation and beyond.



“Whatever they say they’re going to do, they do. You can see they’re not just there to gain the business then just say goodbye and you’ll never see them again. They’re very genuine — and patient — in trying to find the right solution, not just push a specific solution. And now if we need something, it’s just a matter of picking up the phone.”

Dino Macedo, Fresh Produce Group

IT Manager

Accounting Systems/ ERP Systems That We Integrate With

CSC Technology represents only the best accounts payable and accounts receivable solutions. Our expertise is in matching your organisation to the solution that is right for your goals, your processes and your projections of future needs. A key aspect of this is our ability to integrate with your existing accounts/ERP system.


Microsoft Dynamics





  • Automation should sharpen your edge
    it cuts out inefficiencies and frees up money and people to invest in growth

  • Are you responsible for choosing the best document management, accounts payable or business process automation to drive business growth?

  • Is your business counting on you to make smart decisions
    about document management and process automation?

  • Do you represent an Australian business counting between 35 and 200 employees?

  • Complete compliance. Maximum efficiency. We deliver business improvement
    through digital transformation.

  • Only the right solution can guarantee compliance and mitigate risk effectively.

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