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    Automate manual tasks across your business

Business Process Automation

A relationship with us means you never have to talk to a sales team wanting you to believe one size fits all. In fact, you don’t really have to talk to a sales team at all.

What business process automation can we help you with?

Our clients are the 1.5% of Australian businesses employing between 35 to 300 employees. They’re big enough that BPA will create massive efficiencies in their businesses, and agile enough to have a range of options in how they implement BPA.

We know from our existing clients that compliance is likely to be your primary concern. These are the sort of business processes where we can help you ensure compliance with effortless automation.


Get new employees operational faster by making sure their onboarding is processed without errors or omissions that cause costly delays.


Mitigate the risk of staff having remote access to your information after they leave your business. Your intellectual property and client data are too valuable to risk keeping them less than completely securely.

Accounts Payable/

We have a range of answers to the question of securely automating accounting processes, such as invoice approvals, purchase order matching, and procure-to-pay solutions.

Digital Forms
and Workflows

Digital forms are an excellent way to capture client information easily. Digital forms can kickstart a digital workflow to reduce errors and increase efficiencies, but only if they fit the way you want to do things with the right amount of flexibility. They can be a great tool for addressing compliance concerns.

Digital File
Management & Storage

Yes, you can store all your assets digitally —all your images, videos, social media, plans and drawings, manuals, and certifications. But you can do so much more. Our solutions unlock the data in these unstructured files, which account for 80% of your organisation’s overall data. Now, you don’t just have storage, you have accessible new value in what you already have.


Keep all your contracts on one platform to make version control and contract renewal date reminders simple but watertight. A big compliance initiative.


Make customers feel welcome and confident that they’ve made the right choice, as they’re consitently presented with everything they need without ever having to ask.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

It’s easier to tune the machinery of your business when you have real-time information on how every aspect of it is tracking. Roadblocks and bottlenecks become visible in a dashboard, making continuous improvement a real prospect not just a concept.

Navigating your way to the best business process automation solution for your business

Business process automation that leaves no gaps

Few businesses can afford to continue paying people to do what computers can do faster, more securely and with less chance of expensive errors. However, business process automation (BPA) investments can cost businesses
significantly where:

  • The project is not sponsored by the business and is left to the IT department to solve. The IT department doesn’t consult the business closely enough and chooses a solution that doesn’t fit the business’s processes, or
  • The business challenge has not been thoroughly mapped out at the beginning, so the chosen solution has gaps – processes that should be automated but that can’t be automated easily (or at all) with the software implemented.
  • So how do you make the smart choice for your business without having to become an expert in all the BPA alternatives yourself?

A relationship with an expert in business process automation

Compliance is overwhelmingly the reason that C-level executives give for considering BPA. However, we have now interviewed 75+ C-level executives from businesses employing between 35 to 300 staff. And for each of them, compliance has meant something different.

This breadth of need has validated our approach and underlines why CSC Technology wasn’t set up to sell one, single BPA solution. Instead, we reviewed all the vendors and their various solutions. Then we selected a panel
of BPA vendors that represent the best in their sector, and whose solutions cover 98% of the use cases our clients face.

Because we partner with multiple vendors, we don’t need you to believe that a single solution fits every use case. We can start our relationship with a genuinely open mind – asking what are your processes, your challenges and your goals.

And then we can recommend a solution that fits your business rather than trying to adapt your business to appear to fit one, single solution.

After that, we’re with you through solution scoping and during implementation, and continue to be with you for the long-term relationship that follows. We’re the automation experts who are always on your side of the table, holding vendors to account and ensuring smooth operations and rapid resolution of any issues.


Our detailed 23 Step Engagement Process

We employ our automation expertise to match you with the right solution. We’ll take you through each phase of the solution delivery from statement of works (SOW) through the following stages of:

When you work with us, you can count on an enduring partnership with experts who will be attentive to your needs beyond the sales process – you’ll be looked after by the same people from scoping through implementation and beyond.


Our Technology Partners

CSC Technology works with only the best providers, with each provider operating in its own way, and optimising for different scales. Our informed advice means that you’ll never face the remedial expenses incurred when you choose a tool that’s too big or not big enough. With CSC Technology, your automation will be exactly what you need; it will roll out smoothly and you’ll have a partner at your side every day to make sure it continues to deliver.

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