Business Process Automation

Automate manual tasks across your business

Automate manual tasks across your business

Businesses large and small are all facing the challenge of digital transformation. Managing business processes is a core part of that challenge: If you automate your processes successfully, you can dramatically improve the way you deliver for clients, partners, and employees, across a range of functions within your organisation.

Removing manual processes can improve the user experience for clients, it makes your staff happier, and it improves your bottom line.

Our approach

Our approach

At CSC Technology, we offer a range of solutions to help you improve the way you manage information around your business. We use our experience in finding the right technology to meet our client’s requirements to build automation solutions that will deliver a result for your organisation, whatever the size or challenge you face.


Business Process Automation

Looking for a new way to store, manage, retrieve and share information? Our technology platform enables you to move information seamlessly around your business.

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Automate accounts payable processes such as payment sign off and invoice/purchase order matching.

Digital Forms & Customisable Workflows

Our workflow engine makes it easy to develop customised workflows to suit the way you work, enabling your team to share and use information in a way that improves the way you do business.

Digital File Management & Storage

Create a digital twin of your assets, including all the relevant plans, drawings, manuals and certifications to enable you to manage it digitally.

Contract Management

Create, collaborate, share, and editcontract documentation all on the one platform.

HR On-boarding

Automate on-boarding processes for new staff

Customer On-boarding

Automate the process of on-boarding new customers.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Access real time status alerts for any automated process to easily pinpoint any roadblocks or challenges. Our reporting engine also allows you to easily monitor your processes and report on their performance.


Accounts Payable Automation

Process Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

Content Management


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Our professional services team backs all of our technology. We scope, implement, and support everything that we sell, so you will always be dealing with the CSC Technology team.

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