12 x Invoice Processing Automation Cheat Sheet Tips

What type are you considering? Zonal or Intelligent Metadata Capture?

2. Cloud vs On-Premise
Sass Option or Hosted on your Internal Servers?

3. Data Centres
If you choose SaaS hosting option are the data centres located in australia?

4. P.O Matching
Have you thought about a ‘procure-to-pay’ solution  to re-engineer your AP process?…

Is RPA actually a roadblock to digital transformation (Dx)?

Gartner Inc, a global leader in market research analysis, recently published new data reporting that revenues in the robotic process automation (RPA) industry jumped 63% globally last year. Ranking RPA as the fastest growing Enterprise software segment, with a total market value of $846.2 million.

Surely Data is Data? No?

Not all data is created equal. But now it can certainly be captured equally.

For long periods of time across the Digital Transformation trends of document management, to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and now the latest evolution into Intelligent Information Management (IIM); when we’ve referred to data capture, we’ve always meant structured data. This is no longer only the case.

7 Reasons Why a CFO Should Consider AP Automation

1. Efficiency Gains
Reducing manual tasks increases efficiency across the AP team, which in turn increases profitability.

2. Payment Discounts
Faster more timely processing of invoices enables a business to benefit from early payment discounts.

3. Visibility of Data
Increased visibility of data enables a business to make better decision…

Digital Transformation

‘Data technologies, science and processes are rewriting the rules of business and propelling organisations towards digital transformation’ – Forbes 2019

What is Digital Transformation(DX)?
Its an umbrella term of software solutions designed to help a business improve.

Process efficiencies – OCR, RPA, BPM & DMS
Decision making – Data analytics
Customer experiance – Machine learning & AI

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Applications to Help You use Technology as a Competitive Advantage

In today’s fast-changing technology environment there are competing ideas, products and technologies that make it difficult to understand the benefits a solution addresses. 

So, the lack of awareness around robotic process automation (RPA) isn’t that surprising. 

The Hidden Costs of Information Mismanagement

It happens even to the best of us. A document gets misplaced, and you spend hours looking for it, but to no avail. Now this situation isn’t a major issue if the document isn’t business-critical or client sensitive. But what if it’s that one document a team needs to get started on a time-sensitive project? Or worse still, a profitable contract that is due for renewal with a client?

5 Reasons CFOs Should Consider Invoice Processing Automation

A key trend impacting global workforces today is automation. As a CFO, understanding how automation can benefit your organisation and your bottom line is vital. The accounts payable (AP) process has traditionally been a slow, manual, and paper-based function within most businesses. From data entering and coding invoices, to manually distributing documents for approval, there are numerous phases of the AP processes that can benefit from automation. 

Nailing invoice processing automation with a robust P.O. generation process

Has your business implemented an accounts payable automation solution that doesn’t seem to be keeping up with the changes that are occurring in your business?  Maybe some original staff members have moved on and taken valuable IP with them. Or your internal AP process has changed over that time. Or better still, business has boomed […]

The 3 pillars of a successful Accounts Payable Automation Solution

Picture the scene; invoices are being received into several different email inboxes across the accounts team. A steady stream of invoices are also still arriving in through the post. Suppliers are calling chasing payments. And nobody can exactly pin point where any specific invoice actually is! Sound familiar? Well you’re not alone. In fact only […]