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AP Automation – DataBuild

We are an Australian company providing consultancy, implementation and ongoing support for businesses ready to drive efficiency and growth through Accounts Payable Automation.

Are you experiencing the below challenges in DataBuild or Onsite Companion?


Manual Invoice capture
& data entry

No formal
ETS / Overruns process

Can’t accurately track
jobs against budgets

No P.O.


No Databuild/Onsite
Companion integration

Complex manual
approval process

No automatic
GL coding



Understand why Home Builders such as the below have
chosen to use this solution:

  • Zac Homes

  • Fowler Homes

  • Icon Homes

  • Brolen Homes

  • Modular Homes WA

  • Norfolk Homes

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    • Automation should sharpen your edge
      it cuts out inefficiencies and frees up money and people to invest in growth

    • Are you responsible for choosing the best document management, accounts payable or business process automation to drive business growth?

    • Is your business counting on you to make smart decisions
      about document management and process automation?

    • Do you represent an Australian business counting between 35 and 200 employees?

    • Complete compliance. Maximum efficiency. We deliver business improvement
      through digital transformation.

    • Only the right solution can guarantee compliance and mitigate risk effectively.

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