Digital Transformation

‘Data technologies, science and processes are rewriting the rules of business and propelling organisations towards digital transformation’ – Forbes 2019

What is Digital Transformation(DX)?

Its an umbrella term of software solutions designed to help a business improve.

  • Process efficiencies – OCR, RPA, BPM & DMS
  • Decision making – Data analytics
  • Customer experiance – Machine learning & AI

Digital Transformation Tips

1.  Focus on Data Capture First (OCR)

What’s your strategy for digitising existing paper based documents, and capturing new digital documents coming into your business?

2. Embrace Metadata

Focus on the metadata in a document. This enables you to unlock information in your unstructured as well as structured documents. Its estimated 80% of your data is in unstructured documents.

3. One Platform

Be aware, fast and easy ‘fixes’ in legacy siloed systems come with the price of making future significant system changes more difficult.

4. Is RPA a Roadblock?

RPA is an exceptionally powerful tool. But if your process changes, how easy is it for your ‘digital worker’ to adapt to this change? This is something to be mindful of prior to engaging in RPA.

5. Configurable vs Customisable?

When implementing a business process automation (BPA) workflow platform, ensure its ‘configurable’ rather than ‘customisable’. It is the
future process changes on this platform that rack up the costs for a business and eat into ROI.

6. Integration is King

Ensure that whatever ECM, BPA or document management solution that you implemement has open API integration to connect with
your existing accounting, ERP, CRM or line of business systems.

7. Consider Mobility

Giving your team the ability to access all required information remotely, and make business approval decisions on thier mobile devices greatly boosts efficiency for your organisation.

8. Security

Are you moving from an on- premise solution to a SaaS cloud offering? If so, ensure you know where the data centres that will be storing your information are located. Especially if you’re storing clients financial data.

9. Business Driven Rather Than It Driven

Dx projects that are not mandated by senior management account for 24% of failed implementations. Support and drive from executive
level is critical to a successful Dx project.

10. Focus on the Functional Design

Spending extra time on the scoping and functional design of solution is critical. Its highly unlikely the platform you choose is unable to perform your process. Its more likely the process has been poorly mapped & designed at the start, resulting in a disastrous implementation.

11. Change Management Strategy

Ensure you have a clear change management strategy in place. This involves having an internal ‘champion/sponsor’ for this project who will take ownership of it.

12. Project Managers

Project managers are worth their weight in gold keeping successful projects on track. Regardless of what vendor you engage to undertake this project, ensure they have an experianced PM.

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