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    Complete compliance. Maximum efficiency

Document Management

Are you looking to make intelligent, informed decisions about document management or automating your business processes or accounts payable?

Delivering business improvement through digitisation

Lock down your intellectual property

With the right DMS, the right people can access the right information easily. To everyone else, they’re inaccessible.

Detailed audit trails

You’ll always know who has handled a document and how (on screen, printed out, emailed, made changes).

Give your clients complete assurance

Your clients’ confidential information will never be exposed on a shared drive. Regulators, insurers and your clients can be assured that you’ve done everything possible to protect client data.

Version control

Eliminate the errors that stem from employees using the wrong template, process, contract, policy… Everyone will always know which is the current version, but you’ll never lose the older versions.

Customised to your process

Your competitive edge lies in the things that make you unique. You sharpen that edge when your DMS moulds to your processes. You dull the edge when you compromise your processes to fit a DMS that wasn’t the best choice.

Unlock your data

Your DMS could free the data locked in unstructured files like images, videos, social media, plans and drawings, manuals, and certifications. And you will derive new value from the file types that likely account for 80% of your data.

Collaborate on documents remotely

With your staff working from home or on the road, it’s critical that your DMS is secure but that it supports a style of working where the “office” is wherever they are and wherever they need the data.

Only Australian datacentres

Enabling your staff to work remotely can greatly increase productivity in your business. But this shouldn’t be at the risk of compliance. And compliance mandates that you know where your clients’ data is. With us, that will always be in Australian datacentres


Only the right solution can guarantee compliance and mitigate risk effectively

A bulletproof vest provides the most protection when it fits. That’s why the first step in choosing a document management system is to understand what compliance means to you and what risks you’re mitigating.

But if you deal with an organisation with only one solution to sell, they won’t bother to ask those questions.

When you partner with us, you’re partnering with an expert in document management systems. And we’re not in the business of trying to convince anyone that one solution can answer every customer’s definition of compliance and mitigate every customer’s risks.

We represent multiple solutions that between them cover 98% of the businesses we work with – the businesses employing between 35 and 200 people.

Ensure compliance and protect what’s important

One word kept coming up when we interviewed 75+ C-level executives about document management systems. The word was compliance. But what followed the word compliance was different in every case. What does compliance mean to your organisation?

How will a document management system help you with compliance and managing risk?

When it comes to a document management system (DMS), compliance for you might mean compliance with external regulation or obligations. Alternatively, it might mean compliance with internal processes – perhaps making sure no one can skip a critical step in a workflow.

Compliance might mean locking down sensitive documents. Or it might mean having an audit trail for every document – version control, who has accessed it (or tried to), who has printed it or sent it their home email address.

Compliance and risk go hand in hand. That includes brand risk – because your reputation will suffer if the wrong people get access to information.

Our detailed 23 Step Engagement Process

We employ our automation expertise to match you with the right solution. We’ll take you through each phase of the solution delivery from statement of works (SOW) through the following stages of:

When you work with us, you can count on an enduring partnership with experts who will be attentive to your needs beyond the sales process – you’ll be looked after by the same people from scoping through implementation and beyond.


Our Technology Partners

CSC Technology works with only the best providers – each provider operates differently and optimises for different scales.

Our expert advice means you’ll never face the remedial expenses caused by choosing a tool that’s too big or not big enough.

With CSC Technology, your document management system will be exactly what you need; it will roll out smoothly and you’ll have a partner at your side every day to make sure it continues to deliver.


Microsoft Sharepoint


  • Automation should sharpen your edge
    it cuts out inefficiencies and frees up money and people to invest in growth

  • Are you responsible for choosing the best document management, accounts payable or business process automation to drive business growth?

  • Is your business counting on you to make smart decisions
    about document management and process automation?

  • Do you represent an Australian business counting between 35 and 200 employees?

  • Complete compliance. Maximum efficiency. We deliver business improvement
    through digital transformation.

  • Only the right solution can guarantee compliance and mitigate risk effectively.

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