Invoice Processing Automation

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Accounts Payable Automation

Save time and remove manual errors

Invoices are a core business document. We all have to manage them and for the most part, it’s a time consuming endeavour.

It’s time consuming because it can cause a raft of problems like invoices not paid on time, double paid, penalties received for late payment, incorrect amounts paid, and a general lack of visibility. Add in the fact you’re tying up headcount on repetitive manual tasks and it’s easy to see why it’s a challenge.

Our approach

Our aim is on providing the technology and expertise to automate this challenge and give you time back for your team to focus on more productive tasks. With the ability to provide increased accuracy and visibility, while driving cost and time savings in your business, CSC Technology ensures that we match the right solution for your environment.


Multiple capture points

Whether you want to scan invoices, import them from email attachments, automatically download them from your document management system, or use a smartphone to capture them – the choice is yours.

Reduce processing time

Automatically extract key data from an invoice. No data entry is necessary.

Automatic approval

Using intelligent business rules, we can automatically approve invoices or send them flor further validation, while ensuring that everything is stored in your accounting system

Customisable workflow

Set-up business rules that are specific to your business. Our workflow technology makes it easy to ensure that the technology fits your way of working, making sure you hit the required approval times.

100% compliance

We give you full control and visibility of your invoice processes; every step is recorded with each activity tracked. Your auditors will love it!


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Our professional services team backs all of our technology. We scope, implement, and support everything that we sell, so you will always be dealing with the CSC Technology team.

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