CumulusPro appoints CSC Technology as new partner for Australia

This strategic collaboration between the two organisations will strengthen market synergy for a cloud-based invoice automation solution for the Small and Medium Businesses(SMBs) in Australia. We are excited to be partnering CumulusPro and bringing the cloud-based BPM solution to the Australian Eastern Seaboard.

Imagining construction’s digital future

The construction industry is ripe for disruption. Large projects across asset classes typically take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80 percent over budget. Construction productivity has actually declined in some markets since the 1990s. Financial returns for contractors are often relatively low and volatile.

Seizing opportunity from the fourth industrial revolution

New technologies and new ways of working are transforming the nature of work and over time reshaping the Australian and global economies. While the pace and magnitude of change varies significantly from industry to industry (and often from player to player in those industries), in each sector we looked at in this report, we saw fundamental changes underway.